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Each business needs something different, but EVERYONE at some point needs a writer, one that executes and thrusts your business forward. Now.
Website Copy

Your website is your glorified business card. In many cases (particularly eCommerce), people will judge you first by your website. And they will do so very quickly. The voice of your website must echo that of your brand, and it must be unmistakably consistent. Harnessing your vibe and voice is crucial. Once this happens, real magic begins to flow and so will your conversion rate.

SEO Audit + Content

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ever-changing game with many claiming to be experts. Lots of companies now charge top dollar to run an SEO audit and promise the world, which in this case means the top five or so Google rankings. The truth? Achieving this level of results takes time and depending on your brand, may never be feasible if you’re competing with giants. Get an honest outlook of your company’s search engine rankings and practical steps through an affordable SEO audit. Together we can develop content that incorporates best SEO practices while maintaining an organic flow.

Articles for Blogs + Other Publications

The blogosphere is teeming with inauthentic content and flimsy claims. Empower your articles with genuine messaging and assertions backed by legitimate sources when applicable.

Brochure + Print Materials

Launching a new product? Attending a convention? Say the right thing the write way in print. Brochures, PDFs, posters, and the like are excellent visual tools and often essential depending on your business.


eBooks bypass the antiquated obstacle of finding a publisher. As your ghostwriter, a highly adept professional can put out influential information about your business, develop relevant material, or bring your personal story to life.

Other Services

Press releases, Amazon copy, academic writing, blockchain, diet plans, business proposals, book blurbs, video descriptions, investment proposals, business presentations, speeches, recipes, commercial scripts. “So let it be written, so let it be done.” – Yule Brynner as Ramses

Print + Digital Ad Copy

Both print and digital ads require specific language targeted to drive people to purchase. You need a writer who understands your product or service and how it resonates with the consumer. Cathy has worked on ad campaigns in various industries that have effectively increased sales and traffic.

Email Marketing

Drip campaigns and B2B email broadcasts are vital marketing components. You need a plan, a cohesive message, and a consistent voice that match your aims with your consumers’ desires. Make sure your emails are so good, they are always opened. Every. Damn. Time.

Copy Editing

In the digital world, grammar has become somewhat of a lost discipline. Written language is like a ballet—the opportunity of expression is limitless, but it must be rooted in fundamental rules. The grammar function of Microsoft Word simply won’t do; this task still requires a human brain. Get your copy expertly checked for grammatical errors and optimize your content to say what you want, how you want.

Technical Writing

Technical writing is a specific skill neither learned nor developed by many modern writers. Cathy received extensive training in technical writing and has experience with instructional manuals and packaging directions.

Social Media Copy

Whether you use social media personally or not, when it comes to your business, you can’t afford NOT to maintain a strong social media presence. Building that presence is all about content. Incorporate copy for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. that is compelling and authentic to your brand. People cannot resist the authentic.

Authentic messaging IS the answer.

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